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St. Paul's Church, Winchester
Vox Humana sings 'Hope'
May 28 at 7 pm

Vox Humana with Jakob Høgsbro, Anders Jormin, and local singers from the Winchester area.

Free Admission

On May 28 at 7pm, the Danish choir Vox Humana led by Jakob Høgsbro sings in St. Paul's Church in Winchester, England.

Vox Humana is joined by internationally renowned Swedish bass player Anders Jormin, and local singers from the Winchester area.

Vox Humana is best known for their beautiful renditions of Nordic music. However, the theme of this concert is a new suite of songs - Hope - based on English poetry from Shakespeare to Lord Byron, Dylan Thomas, Emily Dickinson and rap vocalist Mike Skinner.

Most songs in the Hope suite are composed by Jakob Høgsbro.

Admission is free.

Vox Humana - Danish Choir
winchester 3 Jakob.jpg

Jakob Høgsbro

Jakob Høgsbro graduated as a saxophonist and conductor from the Royal Danish Academy of Music and continued his education in New York.

He has composed many choral and orchestral works, and recorded a large number of albums.

Jakob has conducted many choirs, including the Danish National Girls’ Choir of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

Winchester photo 2 anders-jormin.jpg

Anders Jormin

Anders Jormin's  empathetic and poetic bass playing captivates all audiences.

He is a highly respected performer on the international concert scene and has recorded and toured with many legends of jazz.

Anders is a professor at the Academy of Music and Drama at Gothenburg University and has received many prestigious international and Swedish prizes and awards.

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